Values & Beliefs

The core team at J4T have the all-powerful, lived experience of injustice in our Armed Forces. 

This has amplified our desire to see true service values delivered. Not the sham values currently being delivered by many in senior leadership roles. J4T abides by a set of core values and beliefs.



J4T believe that trust & integrity are the key human drivers of operational effectiveness.  Those who lead our Armed Forces state the same but their words do not match their deeds. We aim to report and evidence what people tell us.  And to work with strategic influencers who can help us tell that story. Reporting injustice in our Armed Forces, which damages the operational effectiveness of our Armed Forces, is in the public interest.


We embody the highest standards of ethics, authentic leadership, fairness and transparency.

We have the courage to speak truth to power and will empower you to do the same.

We are truly independent and non-partisan; our interests are improving the terms and conditions for all who serve our nation.

We define our success in our progress to our purpose; we learn from failure.

We encourage cognitive diversity, equality, opportunity, inclusivity and empowerment from all backgrounds.

We challenge established thinking, without fear of retribution.

We are relentless in our pursuit of fairness in our Armed Forces and the mastery of change

We actively listen to others, especially those we do not agree with.

We are humble.



Whilst those who lead our Armed Forces continue to fail to prevent injustice in our Armed Forces, we believe in sharing our knowledge to help you confront the scale of injustice that you endure, the impact of it and the disruption to your life of it.  We will help you fight injustice in our Armed Forces.

One of the quickest ways to safeguard your wellbeing is to leave the Armed Forces.

Though extreme, enduring injustice can be worse – it has ruined lives.

This is why achieving our Mission is so important for our Armed Forces, indeed for our nation’s defence & security.  We do not claim to have a universal solution to addressing injustice in our Armed Forces. We do offer Defence a comprehensive suite of measures that best deliver critical output.  We work locally, regionally, nationally and internationally in order to secure best practise for our Armed Forces, improving lives for all who serve.   We give leaders choice.  We aim to save the careers, mental health and in some cases, lives – of those who endure injustice in our Armed Forces.