Who We Are

Justice4Troops, a not-for-profit community interest company

J4T is a registered community interest company, made up of former service personnel, all with brutal experience of injustice within our Armed Forces. We formed up, in 2019, after the Defence Select Committee used our stories to investigate failures in the Service Complaints System. We found we had in common - wilful injustice by the MOD, heavy handed, attacking strategies by military lawyers against their own people and deliberate delays. We had all experienced poor senior leadership - military leaders had failed to prevent injustice, sometimes by just turning a blind eye, but always through lack of looking down & in. We were the faces of the suffering being caused by the armed forces on its own people. And there were hundreds of us.

We realised we did not need to make the case for change; the case for change was Deepcut. That story has been repeated many times since then. The lessons from that were identified by the MOD, and have repeatedly been identified. But change has not been actioned.

We needed to make the case for implementing change.

In the last few years, the call for change has grown stronger - the calls are coming from within and without the Armed Forces: Ministers, Ombudsman, MOD reports, journalists and many service people. All repeating that the case for change has been made. What is happening? Heads of the Armed Forces acknowledge failings, promise change - then do nothing.

We have joined up with senior ministerial patrons and other veteran influencers, to force change. Through a steady, drip-feed of stories, to build awareness of the extent of the harm being done. Through legislative change and an independent defence authority, as promised by Heads of the Armed Forces. But not delivered. We do not believe that any organisation should investigate its own shortcomings. This is the root of the problem.

How? With our partners and patrons, we have produced a Campaign Plan, covering three phases:

The web-site is our call to arms. We intend to use the site to DETECT and highlight the negative methods being used by the MOD, against its own employees. The wilful tactics used by the MOD cause three "hurts":

• Hurt to individual mental health: isolation, loss of control, delays, and discord with our military values.
• Hurt to operational effectiveness: time wasted in investigations, unresolved complaints, low morale and poor retention.
• Hurt to the public purse: human resource hours wasted, a bloated military legal service used to fight its own people, expensively trained individuals leaving careers early.

We hope the website will encourage you to speak up, anonymously or openly, on how you have been held hostage to injustice in the Armed Forces. Please contact us with your stories.

We will offer support to those currently suffering. We will CONNECT individuals; through a buddy-buddy system, to ensure no soldier, sailor or airmen is left to face this system alone; through mentoring of how the complaints will be weaponised against you (and appropriate counter-measures); and through sign-posting to appropriate professionals and resources. We will also retain and build on our connections to the Defence Select Committee and veterans’ bodies, to use this evidence, to force change.

By showing the human faces of suffering to the public and government, we can protect future service personnel. We can ensure that the findings of inappropriate behaviours highlighted in the Wigston report, by the Service Complaints Ombudsman and by investigative journalist reports are no longer ignored. We intend to ensure that the MOD upholds its promise to protect its troops from wilful injustice. And delivers on its promise of an independent defence authority. Until it does, J4T intends to perform the functions of that body. We will not switch off the campaign until we achieve these changes.

The Team

  • Graham


    Chief Executive


  • Diane

    Chief Ops

    Operational Lead