To highlight military injustice, support service people suffering injustice, and eradicate the concealment of injustice – in our Armed Forces.


The MOD has never changed, nor do we believe it will ever change, unless forced.  In July 2019, service personnel were promised an independent Defence Authority, but nothing has been delivered.  The MOD says it learns from lessons identified. But evidence suggests it does not. Incidents, poor behaviours and failings remain all too common. Why does this matter? Because military personnel who are unwilling to be bold, innovative or fearless, for fear of repercussions from their own leadership – make poor warriors.  A strong military needs fighting lions, not scared sheep.

We intend to HIGHLIGHT military injustice.

We do not believe any organisation, especially a public body, should be allowed to investigate its own leadership and performance quality. The MOD is unique in being given this privilege. And it has betrayed that trust.  There is no fairness, no efficiency – only fear or apathy. Military personnel have learned to keep their heads down.  The MOD can only thrive, grow, adapt and retain its best people if it is willing to learn from mistakes. Despite years of promises, it is not doing that. We intend to take on this role until the MOD establishes a body that is independent of the Chain of Command and funded separately from the MOD in order to assure operational independence. We believe this best secures just outcomes, safer operations, enabling trust. The restoration of trust best enables the maintenance of the authority of the Chain of Command.

We intend to SUPPORT service people suffering service injustice.

We intend to ensure no service person currently suffering injustice feels alone, ostracised and legally powerless any more.

To eradicate the concealment of injustice.


The Problem

The current MOD problem is not that bias, bullying, harassment, sexual misconduct or criminal acts are endemic to armed forces environments – it is that wilful concealment of these activities is endemic.  Concealment of wrong-doing, by military leadership, prevents the Armed Forces from learning from its mistakes. Or building trust with their own service people.

The Solution

Similar to the civilian Air Industry and other organisations that have embraced an open culture of reporting and investigating incidents and poor practice, the MOD must openly and independently investigate all incidents, publish its findings and adjust its practices.  We believe it is a false economy to conceal injustice. It takes years of bureaucracy and leadership hours, to disguise actions; values are compromised, to maintain the lie; hordes of expensive military lawyers are employed, to bully the service person into submission;  highly trained service individuals leave before their time and become an angry veterans’ community. All of these are deeply damaging to operational effectiveness – but can be resolved through an open, independent body free of the Chain of Command.