How We Do It

There are two, distinct parts to J4T Operations – the ‘problem’ space and the ‘solution’ space.  The collective aim is to eradicate the concealment of injustice in our Armed Forces, in order to better deliver operational effectiveness.  Our operating model is based on understanding both the problem space and the solution space.


A deliberate tactic of the MoD is to conceal the extent of the problem space. It then condones a culture of ostracising individuals from their military ‘sense of family’, effectively punishing individuals for speaking up.  It sadly works and many do keep quiet, but some then leave service early. Many have told us that their careers have ended after either making a complaint or having one raised against them. The military chain of command rewards leaders who have the least complaints, rather than who resolves the most complaints. Or how by how satisfied both parties were with the outcome.  J4T is addressing the problem space by following three steps to better justice:

        • DETECT injustice in our Armed Forces, through creating a safe and confidential space for service personnel to speak up
        • CONNECT individuals suffering injustice, to people who understand both what you have experienced and the process to be heard fairly and without fear
        • PROTECT all who serve in our Armed Forces, through legislative reform of our Armed Forces



J4T has attracted some of the finest minds in the world, working collaboratively, to find solutions to the problem – the concealment of injustice in our Armed Forces.  We have test pilots, systems engineers, safety engineers, organisational psychologists, organisational psychiatrists, academics, airline pilots, leadership experts, network enablers, experts in the health sector indeed experts from all sectors across the international community coming together as one – contributing solutions for those who lead our Armed Forces in order to better deliver operational effectiveness.

Our OPERATING MODEL will help any leader, in any sector, in any organisation, in any business, shift the culture and systems issues from being fearful of critique to being fearless of it as a means to improve outcomes for all.   A psychologically safe space for everyone to operate in is the vital ground any leader needs to win.