What We Do

J4T are volunteers. We are veterans, supported by professionals, collaborating to bring an end to injustice in the Armed Forces.

Any current or former member of the armed services, who is suffering injustice, can contact us by phone or email, to discuss their case in confidence. We do ask some if they are willing to share their stories, anonymously or openly. But that is entirely up to you. These stories are presented either openly on this web-site or as private case-studies to the Defence Select Committee or to help us understand the MoD ‘tricks of the trade’.

What we can do:

Support you. Through a buddy-buddy system, advocating to defence on your behalf and through sign-posting you to professionals who can offer specific support e.g legal advice

Mentor you.  Through explaining the MoD complaints’ system and how it will affect you. The likely length of time, emotional and economic costs and culture you will endure.

Provide a network.  By realising that there are hundreds of others enduring and coping with injustice in the Armed Forces, we can ensure that you no longer feel alone and powerless.

What we can’t do:

Provide Formal Legal Advice.  J4T has developed a network of advisers, including legal professionals, who may be able to offer advice as to the merits of your case or how to counter the allegations you have received. However, legal services are very expensive and we cannot offer long term legal support, as yet. We are a growing community and gaining momentum and donations. We hope to develop greater legal capacity as we grow.