Soldier lay dead in barracks for three weeks but ‘Army won’t tell how he died.’

The widow of Lance corporal Bernard Mongan says it’s ‘beyond belief’ no-one looked for her husband and ‘it feels like a cover up.’

The Iraq War veteran, was due to transfer to another army base a week after he was last seen alive. But his disappearance was astonishingly not noticed at BOTH camps – despite strict Army procedures. And L Cpl Mongan’s body was so badly decomposed by the time of his discovery the cause of death may never be known. Now Beth, who says he was bullied at work, has accused the Army of keeping her in the dark after getting no answers to questions about what happened to her husband. And top Forces heroes have slammed the Royal Signals soldier’s superior officers for “failing to do their jobs” – and say “heads must roll”.

The Army has refused to comment on the circumstances of his death. But police have told his widow they believe he died around New Year after investigating his phone records.

Source: 2nd March 2020.