Diane – My Story

My name is Diane.  I was a regular and then a reservist in the Army. I reached Lieutenant-Colonel before I resigned, in 2020, in protest at the deep injustice within the military.

I was lucky to have a mostly positive military career, until 2015.

Then, when running an army unit, I chose to start the process of disciplining an individual. Many fellow commanding officers advised to let him continue without any involvement from me. They told me I was risking a complaint, even if I was right.  I chose to uphold my military values. I insisted the individual discussed performance improvement. The result? A dreadful 18 months, of defending myself. Because my colleagues were right – the individual submitted a cascade of accusations against me. I was eventually exonerated of all of them, but by then, my experience was that my military bosses had walked by on the other side – I was left to defend myself almost alone. And I lost my career.

And so, I submitted a complaint. Again, my military colleagues advised against it – you will not get anywhere, it is an unjust system and the main tactics will be to belittle you and delay. The MoD will throw their team of lawyers at you. And they were right again.

Over the next three years, I discovered the injustice of the complaint system. I could not yet believe the military family I loved was turning on its own people.

I have written about it.  READ MORE HERE

When I was at a low point, alone, abandoned by senior military leaders, facing the unacceptable delays, the belittling and unfairness of the complaints system, I reached out to a charity – Justice4Troops – and they gradually helped me. We teamed up to speak to the Defence Select Committee, worked out the tactics being used against us – and I got strong enough to start supporting others again.

So, that is why I am now in a voluntary operations role with J4T.

J4T exists to support those suffering military injustice. Right now.

It was there when I needed support. I am proud that I can now give back.

All the best,

Diane Allen OBE     

Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret’d)